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The New Trailer For New “Karate Kid” Series “Cobra Kai” Is Here

Johnny Lawrence, a washed-out super, heeds the call to become a sensei.

The first full trailer for the upcoming Karate Kid Youtube RED show sequel, Cobra Kai, officially dropped and promises Crane Kicks, the San Fernanda Valley and a rematch between Lawrence and LaRusso. Both Johnny (played by Billy Zabka) and Daniel (Ralph Macchio) are back as their middle-aged selves and seem, by all accounts, ready to rumble again. Although not in the quite way they once did.

The trailer opens on the All Valley Karate Championship fight between Daniel and Johnny when Daniel crane kicks Johnny in the face to win. It then immediately cuts to the present day where Johnny is now a down-on-his-luck apartment super who’s still pretty bummed about his loss to Daniel. Daniel, meanwhile, has a family and owns a successful car dealership, the commercials for which glow in Johnny’s face.

One night, Johnny witnesses a group of teenagers picking on a kid who lives in his apartment building. After saving the kid from his attackers, Johnny becomes his sensei and decides to re-open the Cobra Kai dojo. When Daniel hears word of this, he is not pleased. “He thinks he can bring Cobra Kai back to the valley,” Daniel says. “Not on my watch.”

It’s pretty obvious that new series is set on making Daniel the smarmy, successful villain and Johnny the down-on-his-luck hero (hell, he even has Miyagi’s old job). Has life turned Daniel into a smug asshole? Is Johnny the Coors-swilling hero the world needs?

We’ll see what happens when Cobra Kai debuts on YouTube Red on May 2nd.