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Watch: Justin Timberlake Makes Working Out a Family Affair

The singer and actor got right to staving off a Thanksgiving dad bod with the help of his son.


Justin Timberlake knows that kids are never too young to learn how to stay fit.

After digging into turkey last Thursday with his wife Jessica Biel, Timberlake and their 2½-year-old son, Silas Randall, enjoyed some family fitness time. In an Instagram video posted on Sunday, the singer and actor can be seen doing pushups outside with his son’s help, who laid on top of Timberlake’s back to give his dad some extra weight.

“Shaking off those leftovers like…Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!” Timberlake captioned the post before crediting Jessica Biel for shooting the video, whose shadow makes an appearance.

It looks like Silas gives his dad just the right amount of extra resistance for sweating out his Thanksgiving meal. Plus, the whole thing’s pretty damn cute. Like Mark Zuckerberg, who posted a video a few months back of him doing pull-ups with his daughter’s help, Timberlake’s figured out a great way to incorporate his kid seamlessly into his fitness and make family time out of it. But mostly, props to him for going back to working out so soon after Thanksgiving. That turkey-coma is real.