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Jon Hamm Joins ‘SpongeBob’ In ‘Mad Men’ Parody Episode

What happened to the days of subversive kids TV? There was a time Kermit used to show up on The Dick Cavett Show to trade barbs with Norman Mailer (or, maybe that was Gore Vidal). And more recently, Sesame Street nailed parodies of Downton Abbey, True Blood, and other adult primetime viewing. So, when SpongeBob Squarepants decided to do a Mad Men themed ep, it seemed perfectly natural.

And no sound-alikes here. Jon Hamm will be supplying his voice at the bottom of the sea as Don Grouper (because what else does he have to do right now?). This would be the charming, grinning ad executive fish is a lighter take on Hamm’s former ad-man character, Don Draper. No drinking like a fish or slipping his fins where they don’t belong here — just Grouper leading the charge of Krusty Krab’s new frozen food campaign with a chum bucket full of ideas.

So how exactly will these 2 worlds collide? These characters are already underwater, so liquid lunches are no big deal. And Patrick and Roger Sterling seem to have similar career arcs. The teaser below proves that the Mad Men references won’t be a subtle nod to the show, but a Zou Bisou Bisou-level event.

That being said, don’t worry about this episode going over your kid’s head. All of the classic SpongeBob trademarks are still here: vomit, screaming eye-balls, butt jokes, and Patrick’s frustrating cluelessness. SpongeBob Squarepants is currently in its ninth season. This special episode will air February 20 at 7 PM on Nickelodeon.