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Jimmy Kimmel Makes Kids Tell Their Dads the Worst Thing They’ve Ever Done

Kids confess the worst thing they've ever done in front of their dads on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Kids are mischevious little hellions. And all of them, no matter how old, have done something they don’t want you to discover. And while ignorance is bliss on your end, it’s never not fun to enjoy the sincere dose of schadenfreude that comes from listening to other people’s kids confess silly things they’ve gotten away with. As this Sunday is Father’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel decided to do just that. He roamed the streets of L.A. and convinced kids to confess the worst thing they’ve ever done in front of their dad. The results are *kisses fingers like a chef*.

Kimmel found no shortage of willing participants, and the confessions quickly went off the rails in hilarious and spectacular fashion. One young boy tells his dad that he once got in trouble for saying the F-word; a girl reveals how she was chased by a security guard; one dad even listens to each of his six kids explain the misbehavior they’ve hidden from him all these years. The funniest confession, however, comes from a young boy wearing a pair of flip-up shades who says he likes to call Walgreens and say things like “poop butt’ and “I think I pooped.” It’s nice to see that the prank call is alive and well in these modern times.

As funny as the confessions are, the best part of watching the video is seeing the dad’s reactions to these reveals. Their expressions are a perfect blend of amusement and horror. All the dads play it pretty cool. And, as is expected, most of them don’t look mad, just disappointed.