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Jimmy Fallon Reads the Best #MyFamilyIsWeird Stories From Fans

In the real world, you’re expected to act a certain way because of, you know, rules and social decorum and all that. But with family? You’re allowed to embrace your peculiarities. Plus, within the confines of family, weird isn’t weird. It’s just how you do things.

Jimmy Fallon wanted to celebrate the unique and bizarre intimacy of families, so he encouraged fans to tweet out their best stories with the hashtag #MyFamilyIsWeird. Last night, he read a few of the best entries, proving once and for all that everybody is on their strangest (and funniest) behavior with their family. Fallon first read a tweet from a girl who said #MyFamilyIsWeird because her mom likes to order frozen margaritas but then won’t drink them because they’re too cold. Another entry talked about their dad failing to (or, more likely, just refusing to) what the Minions are called and the weird things he calls them instead (“the pinions” or “the morons”). There was also a girl who admitted her grandma paid to have professional photos taken of her dolls and a stuffed monkey.

They were all hilarious, but the top one was definitely from the girl who revealed the strange way her mom is dealing with her and her brother going away to college. Her mom created scarecrow versions of her kids to eat dinner with every night. On the one hand, it’s a very sweet move; on the other, it’s a bit disconcerting. In the end, though, it’s exactly the type of peculiarity that makes family, family.