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Jimmy Fallon Proves Kids Are Baffled by Their Parents’ Jobs

On a recent segment on The Tonight ShowJimmy Fallon tried to find the answer to one of the great mysteries of parenthood: do children actual know what their moms and dads do at work? The answer, unsurprisingly, is absolutely not. Fallon sat down with several parent-child duos, quizzing kids about jobs. The moms and dads had a variety of occupations—warranty dealer at a car dealership, financial advisor, head of new products at a branding company—but kids were pretty baffled about the particulars. Most had no idea what their parents do at work all day (one little girl, making a valiant effort, says her dad “helps and goes on the computer”) and those that did lacked specifics. Because why would they have them? The beauty of being a kid lies in not concerning yourself with the desk and paper shredder life and the whole segment gleefully captures that blissful ignorance. But even though kids have no idea what their parents do, they are keyed into one great truth: work has a tendency to make mom and dad grumpy. Stay young, kids.