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Jim Gaffigan Is Back With A New Netflix Stand Up Special, ‘Cinco’


Jim Gaffigan has no time to rest — he’s got 5 kids to feed. Which is why his 2017 is crammed with new projects to make that sweet Hot Pocket money. First, there’s a stint in the upcoming new season of Fargo. Also, a comedy tour lasting through the summer. Not to mention a few movies coming up (including one with Alec Baldwin in Drunk Parents.) So you believe him when he says he only sleeps one hour a night.

But first up is a new Netflix stand-up special Cinco. “This is my fifth hour special,” says Gaffigan in Cinco. “I have one for each of my five children. So hopefully this is the last one.”

While being a dad basically takes up 99.8 percent of his life, Gaffigan doesn’t just crack wise about kids. There’s plenty of riffs on binge-watching Game of Thrones, how much the weather sucks, and the consequence of making so many donut jokes (ie. free donuts). But you came for Gaffigan the family guy.

One of Gaffigan’s best bits is about that dark dad ennui. “It’s stressful. Parenting is a sacrifice, it’s exhausting, it’s expensive, at times it feels thankless, but eventually you die. My wife hates that joke. Full disclosure: she does 90 percent of the work. The 10 percent I do, feels like too much!”

jim gaffigan

Wikimedia Commons

That would be his wife, Jeannie, who took her first crack at directing her husband’s stand-up. Let this be a good lesson to any guy who thinks they have a rock-solid relationship. You don’t know how strong your marriage is until you a) have 5 children and b) give your spouse the ability to literally put words into your mouth.