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Jared Leto Wants Your July 4 iPhone Footage and You Should Give It To Him

Whether you think he’s a pompous Daniel Day Lewis wannabe, or a true boundary breaking artist, you’ve got to give Jared Leto credit: the man works hard. Is he an Oscar-winning actor who moonlights as the frontman for a wildly successful rock band? Or is the frontman for a wildly successful rock band who moonlights as an actor? The line is blurry because he does both — and a bajillion other activities — so well. And, now, in honor of the 4th of July, Leto is looking to use his celebrity status — and sate his artistic appetite — to crowdsource a documentary about modern America.

As part of 30 Seconds to Mars’ upcoming album, Leto and co are creating an ambitious documentary called “A Day in the Life of America”. The film will use both camera crew footage and fan footage gathered from all 50 states on the 4th of July (the latter of which can be tagged with the hashtag #ADayintheLifeofAmerica) to create a 24 hour portrait of our country. The documentary’s main goal is an ambitious one: to showcase the “real America.” All entries need to be uploaded before midnight on Independence Day.

“I want people to capture what’s important to them, in their state…We want to see your America, the real America,” Leto said a statement on the band’s website, saying that the goal is to create a real version of our modern day country. Some of the prompts that Leto wants people to answer include, “What does America mean to you?” and “What does the American Dream mean to you?.”  He also wants people to sing Amazing Grace, which we guess will likely end up as part of 30 Seconds to Mars’ choral-heavy arrangements. The band does love a good chant.

While Leto can come across as an frustrating gadfly sometimes, his new project is pretty interesting. He’s in a position to get people to share their stories and, done right, the documentary could prove to be a look at everyday Americans. And who better to help create a vivid, honest video portrait of this country than the American dad? So why not send Leto videos detailing  your experience? They’ll hopefully help him succeed at creating an actual portrait of America today. If not, he’s already succeeded at one thing: making us all feel lazy.