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Mad Japanese Scientist Invents The Most Dangerous Water Gun Ever

The internet has taught you how to make all kinds of kid-friendly guns, but sadly the latest installment from Japanese YouTuber Asp is not one of them. Yet what this pressurized water cannon lacks in safety, it makes up for in pure force (and Asian heavy metal music). It’s known as the “Impulse Cannon” and it can be quickly added to your “what not to do” reel — right after you watch it in all of its terrifying awesomeness.

The Impulse Cannon’s design is similar to a water cannon used in fire-fighting (good), but packs in enough compressed air to inflict some serious damage if pointed at a person (bad). As displayed in the video, the pressure is enough to shatter plastic, so don’t even think about what it could do to you. It’s so incredibly dangerous that the creator blurred his face out before posting the video. Translation: If he showed you, he’d have to Impulse Cannon you.

Still not convinced? Consider how hard it is to break a CD with your barehands … then watch this gun make one explode. Sure, that seems like a really fun way to get rid of all those CDs (by the way, what are you still doing with all of those?), but it’s not worth risking that much destruction to your dad bod — or worse, your kid. Rest assured that this is the internet, and there are plenty more guns and explosions where this came from.

[H/T] Gizmodo