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Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden Help Ray Ramano’s Sons Find Love

This week, Ray Ramano did the usual late night merry-go-round, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the Late Late Show with James Corden to promote his new show Get Shorty. But, as it turns out, Ray had ulterior motives for coming on these shows in particular. First, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel and Ray discussed the fact that Ray’s son Matt has worked on Jimmy’s show for the last three years. They eventually get Matt to come out to say hello, but Ray has other plans: find his son a special someone.

Ray shares that he and his wife want to have grandkids, so he begins trying to convince the millions of people watching at home to take a chance and find love with his son. He touts Matt’s good looks (there’s a striking resemblance to his dad), nice personality, and the fact that he’s had all his shots. Matt is clearly humiliated by the whole ordeal and it gets even worse when dear old dad puts most of his son’s phone number on the screen.

It didn’t end there. Last night, Ray was on The Late Late Show and Corden revealed that Ray’s son Greg works for him. Not wanting to be outdone by Kimmel, Corden brings out Greg and promises Ray that he will find his son a date in the studio audience. Corden already has three lovely eligible bachelorettes ready and allows Ray to ask the ladies questions to figure out who would be the best match for his son. Ray takes his dad duties extremely seriously, asking the girls about their favorite baseball teams and whether they prefer Everybody Loves Raymond or Seinfeld (much to the chagrin of fellow guest Julia Louis-Dreyfuss).

In the end, Ray let Julia decide and she chose Sarah, a Giants fan who loves Everybody Loves Raymond. Sarah and Greg had an awkwardly sweet meeting before heading off on the strangest first date of all time. Maybe if they get married, Conan can perform the ceremony.