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Jack White Wants To Sell Your Kid A Record Player (And An Album Of Kids Music To Play On It)

Teaching your kid the difference between “good music” and “what everyone else listens to” is as easy as popping on a good playlist. This is where their innate desire to imitate you really comes in handy. The problem arises when trying to explain the bygone interactive experience of truly owning a piece of music, rather than just borrowing it from the cloud. That’s where Jack White wants to help.

In between picking fights with nerds who imitate his music, the Nashville producer / bluesman / guitar god of a generation is trying to show the next generation what good music (or as he calls it, “vinyl”) is all about. White’s Third Man Records has teamed up with Light In The Attic on a children’s turntable and compilation album called This Record Belongs To______, available now for pre-order and in stores November 6. The miniature suitcase record player is specifically for kids, with a three-speed turntable, built-in speakers, and a USB port for converting vinyl records to a format they actually understand: digital.


The album is inspired by the likes of the Little Golden Books and Nutshell Libraries series (Chicken Soup With Rice, anyone?), and features kids’ tunes by everyone from Nina Simone and Shel Silverstein to Jerry Garcia, Kermit the Frog, and of course Carole King. A companion storybook describes the adventures of 5 forest critters struggling to figure out the mysterious flattened disc object they’ve discovered — just like your kids. It also might teach you a few things if you, too, have never dropped needle to record. It’s okay, no one’s judging you. Except maybe Jack White.

This Record Belongs To __________ + Children’s Turntable Bundle ($95)