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It’s 2017, So Outsource Your Easter Egg Painting To A Robot

In a world where a robot can sort your mail, bring your luggage to your hotel room and comfort sick kids, it’s about time they can do something actually useful. Like paint your Easter eggs.

EggBot looks like something your kid made out of an Erector Set, if your kid had advanced degrees in computer science and engineering. But it’s not an Erector Set and it wasn’t made by your kid; it’s made by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories with help from a motion-control artist and inventor who’s spent the better part of 25 years experimenting with computer-driven motors. One of the fruits of that labor? Machines that can print on unconventional surfaces.

The Bot requires a simple assembly before connecting to your computer via USB. At that point, you can upload or create a drawing in an open-source graphic program called Inkscape, which might sound intimidating until you realize that it’s basically an Etch-A-Sketch that you control with your keyboard. From there, the machine takes over.

At $195, it’s not a cheap way to completely show up your kid during the annual Easter egg painting party, but EggBot can be useful year round. There are accessories that allow you to engrave solid surfaces, and it works with other extremely-difficult-to-print-on things like ping pong balls, light bulbs and mini-pumpkins. So, now you can show up your kid once at Easter and then again at Halloween.