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Is ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Setting Up a Sequel With a Post-Credits Scene?

Disney loves post-credits scenes in Marvel movies, but it looks like Poppins (probably) isn't creating a shared cinematic universe, for now.


If you’ve never read any of the P.L. Travers Mary Poppins books, you’re probably in the vast majority of people, which means, that prior to 2018, the continuity of the Poppins universe consisted of one film: the 1964 film Mary Poppins. But now, with the release of Mary Poppins Returns — out this weekend — moviegoers can now add this magical universe to the growing list of other magical universes in which there are lots of things to keep straight. But, does that mean the new Mary Poppins Returns is going fully contemporary? In other words, does this film specifically set-up a sequel with a post-credits scene?

The answer is, thankfully, no.

Mary Poppins Returns does not have a post-credits scene of any kind, and there is not an imperative reason for anyone to think there will be a sequel, either. There is no Poppins cliffhanger in which Mary realizes she has to bring a cursed magic umbrella to a chimney-stack far, far away, only to destroy it. The now-grown Banks children are not locked in another dimension, and most of all, there is nothing that teases a larger shared universe. This isn’t so much as unsurprising as it is refreshing. After all, with all the live action Disney remakes in the works (Aladdin, The Lion King) it wouldn’t be crazy to think Disney would try to connect these with some kind of bizarre magical shout-outs. To put it another way: in an alternate universe, someone at Disney decided that, yes, we should say that the Genie from Aladdin and Mary Poppins know each other, and sure, it’s a shared universe, why not?

Thankfully, in our universe, Mary Poppins Returns remains a self-contained sequel that doesn’t really even require you to remember the first film all that clearly, either.

Mary Poppins Returns is out in wide-release in movie theaters now.