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In ‘The Last Kids on Earth’ Netflix Does ‘Mad Max’ For Tweens

Based on the popular books by Max Brallier, the new show is like Mad Max meets Scooby-Doo.

In adult fiction and popular films, the idea of living in a post-apocalyptic world beset by both actual and metaphorical monsters is pretty common and often terrifying. From Jose Saramago novels to The Walking Dead, the end of the world sucks, right? Well, maybe not for kids.

On September 17, Netflix will release a new series for tweens called The Last Kids on Earth, and in it, the end of the world, and fighting monsters is well, fun. Based on the popular books by Max Brallier, The Last Kids on Earth mostly focuses on Jack, a 13-year-old in Mad Max-ish world of monsters and makeshift vehicles. Along with his friends, Jack assembles the ultimate clubhouse where no adults are allowed, mostly because adults don’t exist anymore.

The series is equal parts humor and hope, despite its semi-bleak setting. Fatherly got a taste of the series recently, and we’re pumped to show this exclusive trailer. (Watch it above!)

For kids who love the escapism of The Hunger Games, but don’t want to bummed out all the time, The Last Kids on Earth is the end-of-the-world story nobody knew they needed.