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Ice Cube Makes His Claim as the King of Dad Rap With New Track

Ludacris may be the reigning king of lullaby rap with his fire rendition of ‘Llama Llama Red Pajama,’ but Ice Cube’s just made it clear he’s gunning for the throne. Cube appeared on Power 106 Los Angeles today, and delivered an epic remix of his 1993 hit ‘It Was A Good Day.’ What sets this version apart from the countless other times he has performed the song? He gave it a rad dad remix by rapping the lyrics over a trapped out version of ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm.’ This may sound like a weird, and possibly misguided idea, but Cube’s effortless flow ensures that he absolutely destroys on the track.

Ice Cube has been off the rap radar for a while, focusing mostly on acting and raising a family over the past 15 years, but you wouldn’t know it after watching this video. Cube’s delivery is as immediate and hypnotic as ever, and he makes it work so well with the nursery beat that you may forget what ‘Good Day’ actually sounds like.

Some may laugh at the idea of combining fatherhood and rap, but mash-ups like these prove that this is no joke. Perhaps one day, Cube, Luda, and the rest of the patriarchs of hip hop can hop in a studio and create the clean kids’ rap lullaby masterpiece the world doesn’t even know it wants, but desperately needs.