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Hulu Is Developing a Show Around Satirical Twitter Account “Los Feliz Daycare”

Since it debuted in 2013, the “Los Feliz Daycare” Twitter account has hilariously chronicled a very progressive (and very fake) pre-school dealing with the customs of 21st century parenting. Told from the perspective of the fictional school- operator, the wry tweets discuss kale-infused diets, empowering nappers with ambient music, and how kids with such names as Kreation, Bourdain, and Gimlet get along. Its evisceration of  modern parenting has helped it become one of the funniest and most popular parody accounts on Twitter. Now the account will have the chance to prove itself in the streaming world, as Hulu announced it is teaming up with account creator Jason Shapiro and actor Adam Pally to create a new series based on the idea.

Just like the account, “Loz Feliz Daycare” will revolve around the day-to-day operations of a smug, so-progressive-it’s-almost-regressive daycare in Los Angeles. In a bit of fourth wall breaking, the “Loz Feliz Daycare” account commented on the development deal on Twitter, making note of the fact that several of the toddlers at the daycare already have “development deals with premium streaming services.” Figures.

The account already has already stockpiled a lot of ammunition for showrunners to use in scripts. Shapiro has taken on several of the hot-button parenting issues of recent years, including screen time, discipline, and healthy eating. He also isn’t afraid to get controversial, as the fake daycare’s account reads: “**We do not accept immunized children**.”

Little is known about the show other than Hulu picking it up and Pally’s involvement. Unlike Shapiro, Pally is a dad, which should give the show the perspective of what it’s like to really be a parent in Los Angeles. Hopefully, the development clears up the fact that “Los Feliz Daycare” does not really exist, as Shapiro claims he still gets a couple emails a week from parents asking if their kid can get into the daycare. Being fictional just makes a daycare even more exclusive.