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Hugo The Hornet Offers To Help Thomas With His Bad Grades

Twitter / Charlotte Hornets

Less than a week after being publicly put on blast (twice) by his dad for his poor grades, the mysterious Thomas and his academic struggles have once again made their way into the news. But this time, it’s not the kid’s disappointed dad who’s calling him out; it’s Hugo, the official mascot of the Charlotte Hornets. Fortunately for Thomas, Hugo isn’t here to mock. He’s here to help.

At last night’s home game against the Milwaukee Bucks, Hugo revealed several signs addressed to Thomas, including one where Hugo offered up his services as a tutor. “Thomas, when is your next report card? Call me. I can help. Love, Hugo,” the first read. The sign was done in the same style as those Thomas’ dad held up, and Hugo is even wearing a similar outfit (talk about commitment to a bit). The Hornets officially endorsed Hugo’s helpful offer by posting his sign on their Twitter page.