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How to Watch the New Sesame Street Show; ‘Esme and Roy’

Sesame Workshop

If anyone can be trusted to educate and entertain kids, it’s the team over at the Sesame Workshop. Their credentials? Oh, just producing a little PBS show called Sesame Street. You know the one, the one with the loveable muppets that have been a pop culture staple for over 40 years. And now, following through on a strong commitment to being awesome, they’ve produced a new show called Esme and Roy, which will premiere this weekend. The show is the Sesame Workshop’s first animated series in over a decade and is going to be produced in partnership with Canadian animation company, Nelvana.

Esme and Roy follows the show’s two title characters, a young girl, Esme, and her monster friend, Roy, who babysit monsters in the town Monsterdale. In true Sesame fashion, the show’s goal is the well-being of children, as Esme and Roy teaching monsters wellness techniques to deal with their overwhelming emotions and how to learn through playing. And if there’s anything we’re behind, it’s playing. Here is where you need to go to tune into the next thing in kids’ entertainment.


You have a subscription to HBO’s pay-cable service you won’t have any problem catching Esme and Roy the old fashioned way; on television. When the show premieres Saturday morning, you can watch with your kids right after or right before a delicious breakfast. For more info on the show, visit HBO’s site here.

Amazon HBO Online Channel

If you don’t have full HBO cable service but are interested in streaming a few of their titles on Amazon, you can do it for a subscription fee of $14.99 a month. That will get you HBO content, including Esme and Roy, through Amazon’s streaming service.

It will be available here.