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This Is How You Vacation With 3 Kids Under 7 And Still Be Home For Nap Time

The following was produced in partnership with our friends at Airbnb who invite you to explore one of their whole-home vacation rentals in family-friendly destinations all over the world.

Traveling with kids isn’t easy — everything takes 15 minutes longer than it should, healthy food options are scarce, you have to buy a dang minivan — but every parent understands the importance of exploring the world outside Junior’s bedroom window. That’s exactly what Los Angeles-based photographer Gregory Brouillette hoped to illustrate by documenting the beautiful struggle of taking a weekend vacation to Palm Springs with 3 kids under 7 years old. As you’ll see, the Brouillettes managed to create lasting memories, connect with each other, and discover whole new worlds (without a single meltdown) by traveling like they lived there.


“When we travel, I like to get something personal and have a sense of a place. Being a family, trying to make ends meet, we’ll buy food to cook so it’s nice to have all the utensils, place settings, home furnishings. Makes it easy to sit down and have a nice family meal at a dinner table. You don’t get that at a hotel.”



“The first day we got up and went to a farmers market in the morning, got some oranges and honey, then went back to play in the pool. The water was a little chilly but kids have no problem jumping in and doing cannonballs. The little ones took some naps after that and we cooked a little carne asada on the grill, and ate some tacos.”



“It’s fun going out to restaurants and experiencing things but it’s also nice when we don’t have to round the kids up, get em all back in the car, and go somewhere. They can play by the pool while I watch them and my wife pulls together an easy dinner and we’re all relaxing spending time together.”



“The next day we got up, made some fresh orange juice and eggs for breakfast, then went to the Palm Springs Aerial Tram. It’s just beautiful. It rotates around as it goes up so you get a view each way. It’s crazy, you climb 2 miles from the desert and get to the top, a little above 10,000 feet, and there are 4-foot piles of snow.”



“For the 2-year-old and the baby it was their first time in snow. And for my son it was his first time sledding. We all hopped on a toboggan and took a couple short rides. Then Thomas went off by himself. One time he ran into a tree; I think he learned pretty quickly not to go quite so high up on the hill. But they had a blast. We did that until the sun was setting. By the time we went back down the tram it was dark.”



“If we’d been in a hotel, there’s no way we could have gone from experiencing great local stuff to sitting at an intimate table enjoying dinner with our kids and looking out the window to the mountains.”




No matter how hectic life may be, Airbnb can help your family belong together anywhere, with whole-home vacation rentals in family-friendly destinations all over the world.