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This Photographer Proves A Quick Family Getaway Can Become An Uncharted Adventure

The following was produced in partnership with our friends at Airbnb who invite you to explore one of their whole-home vacation rentals in family-friendly destinations all over the world.

Even for seasoned off-the-beaten-path travelers, a family road trip can turn into an odyssey. Sometimes the 3-year-old is sick with a nasty stomach flu but the 7-year-old wants to do a polar bear plunge into the Pacific. Sometimes it feels like everything has been selfie’d and hashtagged and there’s nothing left to discover. Sometimes you and your wife just want to talk to each other (preferably with a cocktail in hand). Those are the moments when, as Portland-based photographer Ryan Flood and his family recently found out on a weekend trip up the Oregon coast, it’s best to vacation like you live there.


“We left on a rainy, dreary day, we were fighting traffic, and Everson (the 3-year-old) had a really, really bad stomach flu. But each day got a little nicer.”



“We love to camp on the Oregon coast. It’s always fun to be out on the beach and explore and do things — you’re sort of forced to when you’re camping — but this way we got to enjoy some nice, slow mornings, hang out, bake scones, drink coffee, play some games.”



“It would have been really easy to cancel the trip considering how sick Everson was. Staying in a home setting made it easier; it wouldn’t have been enjoyable in a hotel.”



“There were skylights on every wall; it gave the feeling that you were waking up in the treetops. I previewed this photo on my Facebook account and immediately had people asking where to rent the home.”


“It was a bit wet so our fire wasn’t amazing, but I played a few songs on this little travel guitar I have and we basically had a sunset bonfire on the beach. Right next to that big rock from Goonies, Haystack Rock. That helped the youngest perk up some. He liked that.”



“We wanted to check out a brewery but with the youngest not feeling well we ended up going to a grocery store and cooking back at the house. It was really great to have that option.”



“They had Chutes & Ladders there and my kids had never played it. Leland (the 7-year-old) could probably handle a more complex game but he totally loved it. So much, in fact, that he wanted to play at breakfast the next morning.”


“The kids were tired so they went to bed earlier and my wife and I got to hang out, make some cocktails, and really enjoy the apartment and each other’s company. That was a rare treat.”



“We didn’t go back the way we came. We never do. We found this great spot where you can actually drive onto the sand. So we set up camp and hung out there for a few hours.”



“Everson was perking up so we got his jacket and boots on and the boys were playing that game where you try to outrun the waves going in and out. As we’re all running from a wave, he lagged behind and the water came up and filled his boots. I ran back and grabbed his hand and it filled my boots, too. I didn’t want the rest of his day to be ruined but he was feeling good enough that it didn’t phase him.”


“We found this brew pub in a remodeled old cannery with a section of the floor made of thick plexiglass that you can stand on and look through and see these 2-ton sea lions resting and barking on the pilings 8 feet below you. We had no idea it was there.”


“It’s on a pier, we got there right as the sun was setting on the water, and it felt really special. Those are the moments I love when traveling. Coming into contact with something amazing by happenstance, never having been there before or planning ahead. The discovery makes it so much more satisfying.”


“Let’s just say the overall mood and tone of the trip came a long way. By the end we had a beautiful, sunny day on the beach and Everson finally perked up. In fact, today he said he wants to go back to the cottage.”


No matter how hectic life may be, Airbnb can help your family belong together anywhere, with whole-home vacation rentals in family-friendly destinations all over the world.