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How to Stream the World Cup at Work

Make sure you're not missing a minute of the action with these helpful tips.

Jimmy Baikovicius;Fatherly Illustration

The opening round of the World Cup begins Thursday, kicking off an entire month of the best soccer (or futbol, for the smug American fan) the world has to offer. Usually, such a major sporting event would mean heading to the local bar after work to catch the game but since the tournament is being held in Russia, many of the games will be played while most of us are at work. But just because stars like Ronaldo or Messi are playing on an early afternoon, doesn’t mean fans can’t watch them thanks to the internet and the power of streaming.

Still, in order to watch the games, you need to know where to find them. Because nobody wants to accidentally have their work computer shut down by a virus while they were trying to stream a game off a sketchy website that launches 30 pop up ads every time you click a link. So here is how to stream World Cup games while you’re at work. Just make sure the boss doesn’t see.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports has exclusive broadcasting rights to all the World Cup games, meaning that every single match will be available on Fox or FS1. The easiest way to stream a game on your laptop or smartphone will be Fox Sports Go, which is available as a website and an app. To use Fox Sports Go, you just need a TV sign in or you can sign up for a seven-day free trial for only $10 per month. Then, you will be able to enjoy every minute of World Cup action.

Sling TV

This is one of the best options for people looking to cut the cord, as it offers tons of live TV options. The streaming platform offers a ton of live sports for fans, including the World Cup games on Fox Sports. And the initial blue package costs just $25 per month and can be streamed on three different devices.

PlayStation Vue

This streaming platform isn’t just for PlayStation users. Anyone can sign up for PlayStation Vue, which offers four different streaming packages (Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra), all of which include complete World Cup coverage. The platform offers a five-day and then pricing changes based on which package you choose ($39.99 per month for the Access Package).

Hulu Live TV

While Hulu has primarily been known for offering a massive library of shows that have already aired, the streaming platform is hoping to become a major player in the live TV game with Hulu Live TV, including streaming World Cup games. New users can sign up for a free seven-day trial before opting in for the plan for $39.99 per month.

YouTube TV

Similar to Hulu, YouTube is hoping to expand past its usual platform to get users convinced to rely on the massive video platform to watch events live. The program costs $40 per month after the initial seven-day trial and it allows users to stream of three devices simultaneously.

The Dirtbag Streaming Method

If you want to watch the games without opting to pay for any of these pricey platforms, there are several ways viewers can try to (illegally) stream the tournament for free. Sites like First Row Sports or can provide users the opportunity to watch the games without paying a dime. This will typically involve using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which lets users send and receive data while remaining anonymous and secure.

Of course, none of these methods are recommended, as they present certain risks for users, not the least of which is the fact that this sort of streaming is against the law. Proceed with caution.

The World Cup begins on Thursday, June 14 with the Knockout Stage. The first match is Russia vs. Saudi Arabia. It starts at 11: 00 am Eastern Standard Time.