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Many, many paths will lead you to a moment where Stefan is questioning his free will, because, duh, you are making his choices for him. At this moment, Stefan will ask “who’s there?” over and over again. (Note: the dad has to be alive for this to happen.) In most paths, you’ll have the option of telling him that you are watching him on Netflix. Of all the ways Bandersnatch can end, this is easily the most absurd. Because the story takes place in the ’80s, “explaining” to Stefan what Netflix is exactly, becomes silly quickly. It gets sillier when you go to the therapist after the Netflix revelation. There are two ways this scene can go when the therapist suggests there should be something “more interesting” happening. You can either enter into a Kill Bill-style fight with her, or you can try to get Stefan to jump out the window. Which… will put him onto the set of a Netflix movie. Best ending or worst ending? It’s still not clear.