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Hopper’s Dad Dance on ‘Stranger Things’ Is Getting the Meme It Deserves

A new Twitter account pairs grooving Chief Hopper with any song imaginable.


If there’s one thing everyone could use more of in their life, it’s definitely dancing Chief Hopper.

Season 2 of Stranger Things arrived on Friday, sending viewers into binge-watching mode. The new season offered new mysteries, new characters, and … new memes. Minor spoilers ahead, so if you’re not caught up on Season 2, Episode 3, be warned.

Leave it to the internet to go into overdrive over the weekend, transforming 20 seconds of Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) dancing into endless memes. In an Episode 3 flashback, Hopper, in prime surrogate dad mode, puts on some Jim Croce and does an awkward dance while he and Eleven start cleaning his grandfather’s cabin. It’s a charming moment for sure, and one that shows him really trying to lean into surrogate status, but fans thought they could make it better.

Say hello to @HopperDancingTo, a Twitter account featuring Hopper grooving to pretty much any song you could imagine. Think the scene would be better with Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “September”? Well, you’re in luck.

How about “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey? Done.

There’s even one with the theme song from The Office.

@HopperDancingTo also takes requests if you can’t find a mash-up with the song you’re looking for. Even David Harbour thinks the account is great, saying it melted his “stone cold heart.”

If you haven’t finished Stranger Things 2 yet, what are you waiting for?