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Watch This Homemade Radio-Controlled LEGO Plane Fly … Kind Of

From rollercoasters, to drones, to the world’s largest ship, there are so many things you can do with LEGOs, but a RC plane? Recently YouTuber PeterSripol made what he believes is the first LEGO radio-controlled plane, and he was totally sober while flying it … in spite of what the following footage suggests. By the looks of it, this LEGO pilot appears to be a little too well-oiled for real life.

Though it’s impressive he got the it to fly at all, the problem with a plane made out of LEGOs is that the raised edges that allow the bricks to snap together aren’t exactly aerodynamically friendly. The video, over 16 minutes long, follows Peter and his buddy Sam through the journey, from buying the parts, to making it, to finally taking flight around the 10-minute mark — in case your tiny co-pilot can’t wait for the action.


But if you insist on teaching your kid a lesson in aerodynamics, physics, and of course, patience, this wingman gives you all the information you’d technically need to execute this. For instance the motor is an emax 2215/09, the battery is a 1300mah 4s lipo, and if that just makes you scratch you head and say “Talk to me, Goose” — don’t worry. Your kid will teach you everything you need to know one day.

[H/T] Gizmodo