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‘Home Alone’ Director Can’t Explain This Huge Overlooked Plot Hole

What's up with Kevin's mac and cheese?

Twentieth Century Fox

The unlikely premise of Home Alone has never stopped anyone from loving the movie. It’s been 30 years since Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) was accidentally left behind by his family, and had to spend his holidays fighting-off burglars. And while his Looney Tunesstyle booby-traps might seem more improbable than the fact his family forgot him at home in the first place, fans of the movie have noticed something even more mundane that questions the integrity of Home Alone’s narrative.

What’s up with Kevin’s microwave dinner?

In a new interview with Insider, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Home Alone, director Chris Columbus reveals that he has “no idea” why Kevin prepared a larger macaroni and cheese microwave dinner, and then, did not eat it. Here’s how Columbus describes the plot hole:

“I have never talked about this. [Pauses.] Interesting. I have no idea. And if memory serves me, he set up this dinner and the guys show up? That is a mystery to me. Maybe something was cut, but that footage is long gone. I have no idea why that happened, but all this is going to make me go and rewatch it later today.”

Columbus also reveals a few other fantastic tidbits, including these little know facts.

  • After having disagreements with Chevy Chase about National Lampoon’s Christmas VacationColumbus decided he could never work with Chase again. Home Alone is partially the result of that decision.
  • Nobody wanted a Donald Trump cameo in Home Alone 2 and Columbus says Trump “bullied his way into the movie.”
  • Columbus says the much-hyped Disney+ reboot of Home Alone is a “waste of time” and feels the way many older viewers might feel in saying “What’s the point?”

You can read the full interview at Insider here.

Home Alone is streaming now on Disney+.