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Here’s A G-Rated ‘Go The F—k To Sleep’ You Can Read To Your Kid Without Bleeps

If all you want in life is a good night’s sleep, and that dream is every night smashed by a tiny, hyperactive creature who just wants to play (or scream), then you should meet Bear. Bear also wants to sleep. Unfortunately for Bear, he lives next door to Duck. And Duck, well, Duck just wants to hang.


So goes Goodnight Already!, a hilarious bedtime story by Jory John that’s essentially a G-Rated version of Go The F—k To Sleep that you can read to your kids without a bleep button. There’s still plenty of laughs for adults, though, as it’s illustrated Benji Davies, who’s responsible for the simultaneously dark and adorable All My Friends Are Dead.


The book plays out in a cycle of exasperated expressions from Bear and increasingly harebrained late-night activity ideas from Duck, so you and your kid can take turns reading each character’s part until they figure out who’s who in your relationship. (Disclaimer: Fatherly is not responsible if your kid develops a new irritating habit of quacking at you before bed.)

Goodnight Already! by Jory John and Benji Davies ($14)
Ages: 4-8

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