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Why You Should Stick Around For ‘Happytime Murders’ End Credits

Post-credits scenes have become the norm in summer blockbusters. Does this puppet raunch fest continue the tradition or buck the trend?

Black Bear Pictures

Happytime Murdersthe extremely raunchy and extremely dark comedy starring Melissa McCarthy, arrives in theaters this weekend, promising viewers a healthy dose of puppets doing hard drugs, cursing like sailors, and getting into some truly kinky sex stuff. And after 91 minutes of watching felt degenerates gleefully wallow in their own filthy existence, you will likely find yourself faced with one question: Should I stay to watch the credits or can I head for the exit as soon as the movie’s over?

Often times, the idea of sitting around watching the credits roll can feel like a chore, as people begrudgingly stare at a seemingly endless stream of names in the hope that there might be a post-credits scene gives fans an Easter egg or hints at what the sequel might be about. Happytime Murders has neither of those but you still might to stick around after the movie because the credits are pretty entertaining in their own right. Instead of following modern trends, Happytime Murders takes an old-school approach to end credits that feels refreshing in the era of post-film teases.

As the credits begin to roll, a puppet band begins to play a cover of ‘I Want Candy’ while the audience gets to see some behind-the-scenes footage to understand just how much work goes into bringing puppets to life onscreen. It’s pretty impressive to see how it all comes together, especially if you are a fan of puppetry. The footage also includes some pretty hilarious bloopers, which mostly involve actors seeing who can get the other to break by saying the filthiest thing that comes to their mind.

And given the overwhelmingly negative reviews Happytime Murders has received so far, the end credits may be the part audiences actually end up enjoying the most. Plus, it only lasts for about the first minute of the credits, so you can quickly watch and then head out once the normal credits begin.