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Handle Your Kid’s Fear Of The Dark With One Awesome Comic Book

The only thing you want more than your kid to feel safe in their own bed is to avoid nightly monster inspections underneath said bed, so consider picking up a copy of What There Is Before There Is Anything There. The new book from Argentine cartoonist Liniers helps kids grapple with their fear of the dark by acknowledging those fears are real, even if the monsters have an annoying way of disappearing whenever adults appear.

If Liniers (apparently Argentine cartoonists are mono-named in the manner of Brazilian soccer players) and his work look familiar, it’s because his illustrations regularly grace the cover of the New Yorker — that, or you’re a regular reader of Argentina’s largest daily newspaper, where he’s had a daily comic for over 10 years. Either way, you’re very cultured.

But What There Is Before There Is Anything There isn’t for you — it’s for kids who can learn from its dark-but-humorous story that they can stand up to the things that go bump in the night. The fact that it might inspire a love of comics (and, in turn, ensure you get to keep buying comics — you know, for the kids) is just an incidental benefit.

What There Is Before There Is Anything There by Liniers ($15)
Ages: 4-8

What There Is Before There Is Anything There