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Halloween Costumes | Does My Baby Really Need This?

It’s October, so that means it’s time for pumpkin spice lattes, crisp fall leaves, and wondering if your baby should be a pumpkin or a bacon strip for Halloween. But does your baby really need a Halloween costume?

On this episode of “Does My Baby Really Need This?” new dad Evan Kaufman reviews seven different baby costumes for newborns, zero to 12 months.

First, we will look at the upscale costumes. The first two are from Pottery Barn Kids, which are a little fancier and made of better material. They are great if you live in a cold climate. In general, upscale costumes are good if your family is super into Halloween and you want to take beautiful pictures of your kids.

Next, we will look at bunting costumes. Bunting is just another name for a sleep sack. You are basically putting your baby in a bag.

Bunting costumes usually are some of the weirder costumes. Case in point: bacon. So, if you want something kind of weird, esoteric, and funny, bunting costumes are the way to go.

Lastly, we consider cheap costumes. Here we have a surgeon onesie. Cheap costumes are great if you just need to visit some friends or stop by a Halloween party.

Baby costumes are more for parents, family, and pictures than they are for the baby. So have fun with it! Dress them up as something you would really enjoy looking at. No matter what, it’s probably going to be cute.