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Grandmother Accidentally Gave Dirty Book to Her 6-Year-Old Grandson

'If Animals Could Talk' might be hilarious, but it's certainly NSFW

Just because a book looks like it’s for children book doesn’t necessarily mean you should let it anywhere near your kids. Twitter user @Tiffany1985B recently found that out the hard way when a seemingly innocent gift her mom gave to her 6-year-old turned out to be a profanity-laced picture book for adults.

Tiffany’s well-intentioned mom was just trying to get something nice for her granddaughter, and in all fairness, she apparently picked it up off the kid’s table in Barnes & Noble. But a simple peek at If Animals Could Talk, despite its cheerful, kid-friendly cover and theme, makes it pretty obvious the picture book is in no way the gift the grandma thought it was. There’s really not much debate there: one page literally features a kangaroo asking, “Where the fuck are my keys?”

If Animals Could Talk, by Carla Butwin and Josh Cassidy, was born out of the authors’ equally-NSFW Tumblr blog and features deep dives into the dirty minds of cuddly animals, like this baby chick saying “Aight, let’s tear the roof off this mutha fucka!”

Luckily, Tiffany’s daughter didn’t get farther than “aight” before she and her husband realized what kind of literature they were opening. Tiffany’s mom was apparently mortified at her mistake, but it’s good the family has a sense of humor about the ordeal. Author Josh Cassidy also found the misunderstanding pretty funny, tweeting: “I appreciate Granny’s taste. Maybe you can regift on your 6 yr old’s 18th?” Remember, always try before you buy.