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The 2017 Grammy For Best Children’s Album Goes To Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards is in the record books, which means another opportunity to joke about how [insert musican] threw shade at [topical celebrity]. Of course, outside of Adele and all of last night’s winners, there’s a roster of music for you and your kid to jam out to. The Best Children’s Album category, formerly known as Best Album For Children, formerly known as Best Recording For Children (who do you think you are, Prince?) features all kinds of tunes not just for kids, but for families. That includes you, no matter how brutal your dad-dancing might be. Here’s a closer look at the winner, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, and all of the nominees, because damn it, you can’t listen to Kidz Bop forever.

The Winner

Infinity Plus One, By Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

The group Secret Agent 23 Skidoo isn’t just a mouthful. They describe themselves as the “Premiere Purveyor of Family Funk and Half Pint Hip Hop,” on their website, which is just as much of a trip to say. They also have “more soul train than Thomas The Train” and are “equal parts Dr. Seuss and Dr. Dre,” (ain’t nothin’ but a Thing 2, baby). This is their second Grammy nomination, and their first ever win. And if you’re wondering what a pre-Grammy Grammy ceremony looks like, you can watch Skidoo accept the award here.  Amazon | iTunes | Spotify


The Nominees

Explorer Of The World, By Frances England

Frances England never meant to become a children’s musician. She was just a regular indie musician trying to help out with some original music for her son’s preschool fundraiser — which proved to be way better than cookies. That accidental album, Fascinating Creatures went on to receive an Oppenheim Platinum Award For Music, because sometimes kindie music chooses you. Explorer Of The World is her fifth family album, and this is her first Grammy nomination. The lesson: always say yes to that fundraiser. Amazon | iTunes | Spotify

Novelties, By Recess Monkey

Made up of 3 former elementary school teachers, the band Recess Monkey is all about getting your little animal up and moving. You know, that thing they should’ve been doing when they weren’t having enough recess. This is the Monkey’s (not the Monkees) first Grammy nomination. The above song is about eating donuts until you throw up — in case you didn’t already do that in college. Or last week. Available on Amazon exclusively.

Press Play, By Brady Rymer And The Little Band That Could

Brady Rymer is a 3-time Grammy nominated artist who got into family music after a decade-long career in the jam band, From Good Homes. This may explain why he looks like he could frolic right out of this music video and into a field — and perhaps also his Sgt. Pepper vibe. Amazon | iTunes | Spotify

Saddle Up, By The Okee Dokee Brothers

After taking home the Grammy Award in 2013, and being nominated again in 2015, The Okee Dokee Brothers are the only family bluegrass duo to know what’s like to win the big one. The 2 childhood friends seek to make music that inspires kids and their parents to get outside — hence the most recent Western adventure album. As if you could enjoy bluegrass music inside. You’re not a monster. Amazon | iTunes | Spotify