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Google’s New Live Streaming YouTube TV Offers 40 Channels For $35 A Month

YouTube is joining the streaming paid-subscription service war. Just like Playstation Vue and Sling TV, the new service called YouTube TV will deliver broadcast and cable networks directly to your computer, mobile device, or anything plugged into your Google Chromecast.

YouTube TV offers live streaming from 40 networks including national networks as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, sports channels like ESPN, FOX Sports, Comcast SportsNet, and kids programming from Disney Channel and Sprout. But wait, there’s more! YouTube TV allows six accounts (so add a friend) and an unlimited cloud DVR, which sounds like you’ll need to learn how to stop blinking.

This new service is completely separate from YouTube’s other subscription option YouTube Red. But if you sign up to TV, you get Red included. Before you say, “why do I want to see YouTubers rant about video games?” keep in mind, Red makes everything on YouTube completely ad free and that’s like getting to pass the internet’s velvet rope.

youtube tv

The new subscription service is available for one price: $35 a month with no commitments. So if you want to cut your cable cord, now you have a Google-backed option to consider. But before you go all live TV stream crazy, YouTube TV has not yet launched. You can sign-up on their website to get notified when the service will be available in your area. Until then, you can see what channels will be available for the service, because sometimes Netflix isn’t enough.

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