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This Google Chrome Extension Unlocks Netflix’s Hidden Categories

Searching through Netflix on any device can feel daunting. Too many words, too many floating heads in movie posters. Even with a list of what’s new each month, you’ll scroll endlessly. Thankfully Google is here to save your bingeful days. A new Chrome extension lets you browse more than 100 sub-genres on Netflix right from the top of your browser. You can even bookmark your favorite categories.

The free extension not only lists genres you’ve likely never seen on a standard Netflix search (hello, “Screwball Comedies”) but also lets you browse for new kids’ content instead of giving up and settling for more episodes of Chuggington. You can even search for kids’ movies and TV shows in specific age groups, from newborns to toddlers, all the way up to teens. There’s also a “Movies Based on Children’s Books” category and a “Disney Musical” option just to name a few. The developer of the extension, Deekshith Allamaneni, told The Next Web that more sub-genres will be added in the future. Until then, you can bookmark “Steamy Thrillers” secretly on your browser, and no one will ever know. Well, Google will know, but they know everything about you already.