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Gloria The Hippo Sings and Dances Ballet In New Clip From ‘Madagascar: A Little Wild’

This show is going to be big.

Madagascar: A Little Wild, the latest reboot from the Madagascar series, is slated to start streaming on September 7. If your kids are a fan of Gloria The Hippo, Alex The Lion, Marty The Zebra, and Melman The Giraffe from the series, then DreamWorks’ new animated TV series could be worth checking out on Peacock and Hulu. In anticipation of the release, DreamWorks has shared a clip to get fans excited, and admittedly it looks pretty darn cute. And it might be an ideal time to binge watch some of the previous films, including the original Madagascar and Penguins of Madagascar as well

In the reboot, A Little Wild takes viewers back in time to when the beloved characters were kids, and they escape the Central Park Zoo and discover life “outside” for the first time. This three-and-a-half-minute long clip focuses on Gloria The Hippo preparing to audition for a ballet performance at school. She sings, she shines in the limelight, and her friends try to work the theater’s A.V. system without any of the teachers noticing that a zebra, lion, and hippo are inside the school.

Kids across the country are either just starting the school year or have been in school for a little while now. The serieslooks like it could be a fun bit of respite for stressed-out kids and something adults might enjoy when they’re watching it with them. 

Madagascar: A Little Wild debuts on Hulu and Peacock on September 7.