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Get A Little ‘Game Of Thrones’ In Your Bedtime Ritual With ‘Goodnight Westeros’

If sleep training in your house revolves more around HBO’s Sunday night lineup than your kid’s biological rhythms, you need to stop what you’re doing and feast your eyes on Goodnight Westeros.

Mashable retrofitted the bedtime classic Goodnight Moon with Game Of Thrones characters and references to create the most adorable nightmare fuel in your nursery. Look around the room and all your favorites are there, from “a severed head” and “a direwolf ripping out throats” to “a traitorous whore” and “an old man whispering ‘Hodor.'”

Start reading this to your kid before bed now and they’ll be able to jump right into the massive, labyrinthian tale by the time they’re old enough to satisfy the show’s TV-MA rating. Coincidentally, that should happen right around the time George R. R. Martin finally finishes the books.

[youtube expand=1]