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George Clooney Calls Infant Halloween Costumes ‘Cruel’

Clooney isn't too keen on parents putting infants in cute costumes.

George Clooney and his wife Amal have their hands full with raising twins, but it sounds like they won’t have to worry about cramming them into pumpkin onesies on Halloween night. In an interview with ABC News’ Michael Strahan, alongside long-time friend Matt Damon, the director of the upcoming film Suburbicon casually dropped that he’s morally opposed to stuffing infants into Halloween costumes.

The issue came up when Damon, discussing his four daughters, mentioned that he and wife dress up with their kids. “We dressed up Stella as a strawberry,” Damon added of his youngest daughter, saying that he was excited to celebrate Halloween with his family this year. Clooney chimed in that he found dressing up young children “cruel.”

“If you dress up your kids when they’re 4-and-a-half months old, then you’re just doing that for … you,” he said.

He’s not exactly wrong. An infant that age couldn’t care less if they were dressed up as a strawberry or a giant poop emoji. But it’s too bad that Clooney’s comments come right at the heels of other celebrities leaning into the Halloween spirit. Either way, it’s still pretty damn cute to see a baby in a costume.