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20 Funny Valentine’s Day Memes Parents Can Relate To

Valentine's Day is a time for romance... unless you're a parent.

Once you’re a parent, Valentine’s Day takes on a whole new meaning. Breakfast in bed, who? But even if the romantic dates, extravagant trips, or expensive presents are a relic of the past, that doesn’t mean the holiday can’t be celebrated at all. Having a kid in the mix just requires a little extra stealth and strategy. Even better than family time this year may be phone time, and by that I mean waking your partner up with hilarious Valentine’s Day memes. Even though it may not seem like a gesture that would pull at the heartstrings, a meme that perfectly encapsulates your relationship actually may be the most heartfelt gift money can’t buy.  You can make your partner break a smile without even breaking the bank by gifting them with a funny, romantic, or cheesy meme on the 14th as soon as they wake up. However it plays out, the Internet is there for you with funny Valentine’s day memes that parents can relate to.

No. 1: The Reality of Married Life


No. 2: For the Puppy Lover

valentine's day memes

No. 3: Acts of Service Are Romantic, Too

No. 4: The Even Darker Reality of Married Life

No. 5: When It’s All on You

Valentine's Day meme

No. 6: For the Couple That Doesn’t Hang Out Much…

funny valentine's day memes

No. 7: When V-Day Is Entirely About Homework

No. 8: For the Homebodies:

valentine's day memes

No. 9: Being A New Parent ≠ Romance

No. 10: Secret Admirer, Anyone?

Valentine's Day meme

No. 11: The Romance of a Lived-In Relationship

No. 12: For the Low-Maintenance

valentine's day memes


No. 13: The Last Minute V-Day Card Grab

No. 14: This NSFW Option


No. 15: After Seeing Too Many V-Day Memes

Valentine's Day meme

No. 16: When Everyone Else Has a Date…

No. 17: For the Deal-Chaser

Valentine's Day meme

No. 18: When You Think You’re Better than V-Dayvalentine's day memes

No. 19: In Is the New Out

No. 20: Don’t be a Chandler Bing

valentine's day memes