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Funniest Dad Instagrams of the Week

Hilarious pictures and videos that will help you survive the chaos of raising kids.

Instagram: Pregnant Chicken

Becoming a father means joining a special club of a bunch of people who laugh at the same ridiculous things that you do. Before the internet and the dawn of Instagram memes, that world was mostly relegated to the dads who lived around you. Now, however, dads across the world can connect and laugh and feel moved by the same images that convey the same feeling and it helps them feel less alone in their pursuit.

And whether you are a brand new dad or a seasoned veteran in the parenting game, it always helps to get to see all of the hilarious pictures and videos that will help you survive the chaos of raising kids. Which is why, each week, Fatherly pays tribute to some of the best dad moments that were captured on Instagram. Here are eight of the best #dadstagram memes from this week.

Wish You Were Here

One dad managed to do some peak dad trolling when he recreated his daughter’s honeymoon photos while he was working. Well played, sir.

Doctor Dad

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It's a well known fact that no parent is allowed to be ill, (not even with man flu which is totally a real thing) so I combined my annual 360 health assessment ( which basically involves having my dadbod critiqued) with my love of horizontal parenting. Here's what I learnt: 1). that a little plastic dental mirror can actually pushed down your throat without too much effort, 2) . That I'm pregnant both in my tummy and my ears which is distressing 3). That no amount of relaxing music makes this relaxing, 4). That kids plastic doctors kits can be used as instruments of torture in the wrong hands, 5). That the Junior doctors on call crossed the boundary between the patient and doctor relationship way too often , and 6). I will be going elsewhere for my prostate examine & vasectomy. #juniordoctors #horizontalparenting #ifeelworsethanididinthebeginning #healthcheck #twins #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

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Sometimes being a dad means lying a table while your kids pretend to give you a check-up.

Fast Friends

Their faces say it all.

The Rock and the Pebble

One of the funniest running jokes on Instagram is the Rock pretending that Kevin Hart is his son.

What’s the Catch?

Drew Brees may have revealed his secret for stiff-arming Father Time in his latest Instagram video, which shows Brees playing an extreme game of catch with his three sons.

Teach Them Young

They say experience is the best teacher so this kid will probably be Nascar-ready by the time they turn 16.

Curious Cats

Dad Joke of the Week

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This account takes dad humor to another level (get it?).