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9 Forgotten Marvel Characters Who We Are Hoping Pop Up in ‘Endgame’

We all know Iron Man will be there but what about Happy Hogan?

After over a decade of hype and anticipation, we are finally going to get to see the OG Avengers take on Thanos in Endgame. And while there are endless theories about what the remaining heroes will do to defeat the alien demi-god who managed to make half the universe’s population disappear, we wanted to focus less on what is going and more on who is going to be there while this super-fighting happens. Because while we’re pretty much guaranteed to get to see Captain America, Iron Man, and all our other favorite Avengers back on the screen in Endgame, could we see the return of some of our favorite obscure characters? Here are 9 forgotten members of the MCU we hope are back onscreen.

Happy Hogan

Who: Tony Stark’s longtime friend and chauffeur.

Last Seen: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Why We Want Them Back: Hogan has made great use of his limited screentime, quickly becoming one of the most lovable non-heroes in the MCU. Plus, his bond with the now disintegrated Peter Parker could add some emotional heft to an appearance.

Likelihood of Return: Decent. While Hogan can’t really do much to help in the battle against Thanos, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him hanging around as Stark and the rest of the Avengers cook up their master plan.

Kraglin Obfonteri

Who: Formely Yondu Udonta’s first mate. Current leader of the Ravagers.

Last Seen: Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

Why We Want Them Back: The Ravagers are always entertaining as Star-Lord’s scumbag family and with Udonta’s death, Kraglin is now their leader. We really want to see what this weirdo is like in power.

Likelihood of Return: Not great. While it’s possible that the Ravagers decide to team up with the remaining Avengers to fight Thanos, it doesn’t seem all that likely. Plus, we don’t even have confirmation that he survived the Great Snap (this will come up a lot on this list).


Who: Master of the Mystic Arts within Kamar-Taj. Associate of Dr. Strange.

Last Seen: Avengers: Infinity War

Why We Want Them Back: Wong rules! He’s powerful, wise, and is thankfully one of the few members of the MCU who isn’t desperate to toss out a clever quip anytime he can.

Likelihood of Return: Almost certain. Wong played a huge role in helping Dr. Strange, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner in Greenwich Village and with Strange currently MIA, Wong may need to step up and show off some of his cool as hell powers.

Aaron Davis

Who: New York criminal better known as The Prowler. He’s played by Donald Glover.

Last Seen: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Why We Want Them Back: We could come up with some convoluted excuses to fit him in the larger story (most likely revolving around Miles Morales) but if we’re being honest, we just want as much Glover as we can.

Likelihood of Return: Almost none. There’s no real reason for Davis to come back, as it’s hard to see what a local criminal would have to contribute to the war for the fate of the Universe. Plus, once again, we don’t even know if he still exists.

Everett Ross

Who: CIA Operative

Last Seen: Black Panther

Why We Want Them Back: At first, Ross seemed like another annoying suit who kept the supers from getting shit done. But he proved himself by helping T’Challa fight off Killmonger and assuming he’s alive, his bravery and intelligence could make him a valuable asset for

Likelihood of Return: Good. Freeman has already confirmed that he will appear in more MCU films and with Fury currently out of commission, why not let Ross step in as the government liaison to the Avengers?

May Parker

Who: Peter Parker’s hot aunt

Last Seen: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Why We Want Them Back: Considering Stark’s tearjerker response to Parker disappearing in his arms, it would be equally emotionally impactful to see him have to let May know that her nephew is gone.

Likelihood of Return: Possible but not probable. It would pack an emotional punch but there’s no indication that May will be in Endgame. However, we aren’t ruling it out, since it has been confirmed she didn’t disappear alongside Peter.

Harley Keener

Who: Precocious friend to Tony Stark

Last Seen: Iron Man 3

Why We Want Them Back: Keener first brought out the paternal side of Stark and also helped him escape his own anxiety to defeat the Mandarin. With Parker gone, Stark may once again find himself filled with doubt. Why not bring back Keener to get Stark refocused for what may be his final ride in the Iron Man suit?

Likelihood of Return: Confirmed! Despite having not been mentioned since Iron Man 3, Keener will be in Endgame. There are some elaborate theories that insist he has a massive role to play in the story but only time will tell.

Darcy Lewis

Who: Jane Foster’s former intern

Last Seen: Thor: The Dark World

Why We Want Them Back: With apologies to Natalie Portman, this is the forgotten Thor character we want back. Darcy was always funny in her deadpan response to the insane shit happening around her and it would be a nice bit of levity with the massive stakes of Endgame.

Likelihood of Return: It ain’t happening. Darcy wasn’t even in Ragnarok so while we selfishly would like to see her return, it admittedly makes no sense. And, not to be repetitive, but she may not have survived Thanos’ population control.

Howard the Duck

Who: Anthropomorphic duck

Last Seen: Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

Why We Want Them Back: We’ve been getting teased with Howard the Duck finally getting another cinematic shot for a while now and what better way to officially bring him into the MCU mix than to have him help the OG Avengers?

Likelihood of Return: Higher than you think. Up to this point, Howard has felt like a glorified easter egg for fans but the fact that he exists means Checkov’s Duck has to come into play at some point, right? Plus, it has already been confirmed that he survived the snap.