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Watch This Star Wars Dad Use the Force to Get His Toddler to Chill

The force is strong in this guy.

For parents trying to get their unruly toddlers to chill the hell out, one dad and Star Wars fan raises a fair question: Have you tried using The Force? In a recent video, this father found that the energy field that binds the galaxy together is also a wildly effective way to get his young son to lay down on the couch—and he didn’t even have to get up to do it.

The YouTube clip, posted by zbwally94, features a diaper-clad tot complete with a pacifier that isn’t doing it’s job. The only thing that can ultimately pacify this kid is a wave of his dad’s hand. Like a magic wand it immediately makes the child arch his back and fall softly onto the sofa, presumably to take a much-needed nap.

“We were hanging out at home sometime earlier this year, and my son was acting a fool on the couch so I said to my wife, ‘video this for me’, and this was the hilarious result of that,” the father captioned the video. (No word on if his kid’s name is Luke.)

The Force might not work for every family, even if it’s strong in yours, but there’s no harm it trying it at home. It definitely seems like a more effective tactic than going full Darth Vader on them. If it works, maybe one day you can use the force to have them get you a beer from the fridge.