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Five Kickstarter Campaigns That Will Make Parenting Just A Little Bit Easier


Kickstarter has surpassed well ver $1 billion, which means sorting through more not-ready-for-Skymall gadgets than ever before getting to the good stuff. Lucky you, we did some digging, and found five now-funded projects that provide elegant solutions to your many parenting dilemmas.

Quick Take: Twine Connect everyday objects to the Internet so you can, say, get a tweet when your laundry is done.
Funding: $556K pledged of $35K goal (Kickstarter)
Price: $125+

Sammy Screamer by BleepBleeps
Quick Take: A motion alarm that makes a hideous noise whenever it gets moved, so you’ll know when your kid’s messing with stuff he shouldn’t be messing with (so you’ll need like 20 of these).
Funding: $90K of $20K goal
Price: $75

Quick Take: An Android-powered computing system that helps parents manage their family’s access to the Internet, apps, etc, thereby keeping toddlers from seeing weird porn, or any porn.
Funding: $175K of $50K goal
Price: $150

Quick Take: A camera plug-in that instantly turns you into a time-lapse photography master.
Funding: $234K of $40K goal
Price: $59


Hello Ruby
Quick Take: A children’s book that sneakily teaches kids to code. Will probably hasten the rise of Skynet.
Funding: $380K of $10K goal
Price: $13