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Find The Perfect Reading Material For Every Bathroom Break With This Ingenious New Site

When you’re a father, time to yourself is a rare commodity. Or, should that say, “commode-ity?” Face it, nature’s call might represent the only 5 minutes you get to spend alone all day. Make the most of them with Poopfiction, a site that finds you the perfect short story to read based on how long you think you’ll need to hide from your kid do your business.

Simply choose your time range and tap “Find Me A Story” and you’ll be served up one of hundreds of options from Project Guttenberg, mostly short fables with some other essays and short stories thrown in the mix. And since Aesop’s fables teach valuable lessons and your kid is basically a full-time poop machine anyway, it’s also totally reasonable to use Poopfiction to find the perfect short story for bedtime. Or … any time.