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Finally, A Book For Kids Who Refuse To Put On Their Underwear

With Polar Bear’s Underwear, Japanese designers tupera tupera (artists Tatsuya Kameyama and Atsuko Nakagawa) have created the perfect bedtime companion for a kid who is potty training or learning to dress themselves, or just anyone who appreciates a good shart joke.

Removing the pair of bright red undies that wrap book (they’re not critical to the plot if you’re worried about your kid immediately destroying/losing/eating them) sets Polar Bear’s story into motion; he’s lost his underwear and enlisted Mouse’s help to find them. Wearing nothing but a concerned expression, Polar Bear proceeds from page to page, where die cut openings reveal a pair of underwear that, predictably, does not belong to him. Turning each page reveals a different animal in their skivvies, which are aesthetically paired to the critter wearing them: Zebra’s are striped, Butterfly’s are tiny and floral-patterned, and Squid’s have 10 leg openings.


At the end of the day (which, coincidentally, is the perfect time to go to bed), Polar Bear’s Underwear is a lighthearted giggle inducer that keeps on giving because a zebra in striped underpants is always funny. And if you’re looking for a meaningful lesson to justify the purchase, think of it this way: What’s more important than remembering to put on your underwear?

Polar Bear’s Underwear by tupera tupera ($13)
Ages: 3-5