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This Book Lets Your Little Scientist Know That Screwing Up Is Part Of The Job

If there’s one lesson that a kid can never learn too early in life, it’s that people fail. Other people. Not named them. Fieldwork Fail: The Messy Side of Science! is a colorful book of illustrations that celebrates the funniest of other people’s screw-ups; specifically scientists on the job.

French illustrator and not-at-all-a-science-guy Jim Jourdane thought it’d be fun to draw comics of the most embarrassing stories scientists shared on Twitter with the hashtag #fieldworkfail. First, he turned it into a blog, and now he’s printing this 68-page book complete with all the classics: Swallowing fossils! Sprayed by rhinos! Gluing your hand to a crocodile — it’s all in there! But if you think it’s just a book of funny cartoons with no educational value, hypothesize again. Every other page includes useful facts and information related to the story or the science. That way, your future Jack Hannah will actually learn valuable lessons about crocodiles, beyond not touching them with super glue.

Fieldwork Fail

If you’re interested in putting up some inspirational posters around their room that aren’t of kittens hanging from branches, Jourdane is also making giclee prints to hang on the wall. Just know that while the book isn’t slated to publish until January of 2017, you can still pre-order it now. That way, you can surprise your kid in a few months when they have a few more fails under their belt.
Fieldwork Fail ($26)