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Mom Thanks Mohamed Sanu For In-Flight Snack Choices

flickr / Navin Rajagopalan

Well, would you look here: a story about air travel that doesn’t involve violent passenger extraction or dickish staff. At the end of recent flight to New Jersey, Falcons wideout Mohamed Sanu Sr. received a letter from the mother of a family who’d been sitting behind him. The handwritten letter thanked him for being such an in-flight inspiration. What did Sanu do to deserve such praise? He made some healthy snack choices and was polite to everyone he spoke to on the plane. The family, the note explained, was on their way to Connecticut because their 10-year-old son had just made an elite hockey team. Seeing such a famous athlete make such choices inspired the kid to do the same. Here’s the letter in question:

This isn’t the first time Sanu has proven to be a force on and off the field. After spending the first years of his career with the Bengals, he was an essential part of the Falcons high-powered offense that almost clinched the Super Bowl this February. The wideout also announced last summer that he would be raising money to help pediatric cancer research. Outstanding in-flight behavior and an altruistic streak? A+ role model material.