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‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ Suggests Steve Rogers Is Never Coming Back

The new show explores a post-Captain America world for both Bucky and Sam.

A new featurette for the Disney+ show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier gives viewers a deeper glimpse into the minds of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes as they navigate a post-blip existence. And based on what we are shown, it looks like the show may be confirming once and for all that Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) is never coming back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Without explicitly stating it, the two-minute featurette seems to be saying that much of the show will focus on Sam and Bucky trying to find their purpose in a world without Captain America. For Sam, that means reconciling with the burden of being given Cap’s iconic shield and deciding if he’s ready to take on the mantle. And for Bucky, that means losing the only person who knew him before he was the Winter Soldier. Both of these character journeys seem to make one thing abundantly clear: Steve Rodgers really is gone and fans shouldn’t be expecting him back.

At the conclusion of Endgame, we see that Steve Rogers chooses not to return to the present via time jump, as he takes the chance to live the life that he gave up before. From the moment old Steve popped up onscreen, fans have wondered if that means that his time in the MCU is really done. And while you can never know for sure with Marvel, Falcon and the Winter Soldier certainly seems to indicate that we have officially entered into a post-Captain America existence.