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Watch DC Comic Book Artist Jim Lee Teach Kids How To Draw Batman and Wonder Woman

An exclusive sneak-peek at DC Kids FanDome, coming September 12.

Do you have kids who want to learn how to draw superheroes? Want them to learn from one of the biggest comic-book artists working in the industry right now? Well, take a look at this exclusive clip. DC Kids FanDome is set to begin on September 12, but we have a peek at one thing parents of super-hero-crazed kids will love.

The clip features DC’s Chief Creative Officer, Jim Lee who is well-versed in how to draw some of the franchises’ most popular characters. In the clip, we see how Jim is able to engage the kids through the drawing activity and the step-by-step instructions to help them draw their very own Batman and Wonder Woman characters.

This is just the first of many activities that will be available for kids to participate in, virtually, during the DC Kids FanDome. Other activities will include fitness classes with the Teen Titans, origami lessons taught by Batgirl and Raven, and other DC artists give detailed instructions on how to draw other famous characters from the Universe.

The Kids FanDome will begin on September 12, and chances are there’s enough entertainment to keep all the kids busy for a little while. For more information on how to sign up for these activities, parents can visit