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Everything We Know About Daniel Craig’s Last James Bond Movie

007 is back in action again, and (kind of) for the last time.

MGM/United Artists

Right now, there have been 24 “official” James Bond movies. But, in 2020, there will be 25. And, unless you’ve been put into that same cryogenic freeze used on Austin Powers, then you know that Daniel Craig has been in exactly four films as the famous secret agent, code-named 007. For over a decade, Craig has been the incumbent James Bond, starting with the 2006 hit Casino Royale. In fact, if there’s one thing Craig’s tenure as Bond has proved, its that pretty much every other one of his Bond movies is great, while the other half are just, fine.

With that in mind, because two Bonds ago was Skyfall (great) and the last Bond was Spectre (just okay), that means Bond 25 will likely be great. Here’s everything you need to know about this long-delayed 007 adventure.

The title of the film is No Time to Die.

The official James Bond Twitter account posted a short video featuring Craig in a tuxedo and revealing the title of the film as No Time to Die.

The Movies Comes Out on April 8, 2020 in the United States.

The 25th James Bond movie was scheduled to come out in October 2019 in the UK,  and in November 2019 in the United States. After Boyle’s departure though, the movie was pushed back. It will hit theaters on April 3 in the U.K. and April 8 in the U.S, according to that announcement video.

The Movie’s Rumored Working Title Might Be a Spoiler

According to some rumors, the working title of the next Bond film is Shatterhand. If true, this would reference an alias used by Blofeld in the book version of You Only Live Twice. And if that’s true, then a movie called Shatterhand would almost certainly feature “Shatterhand” himself, aka Blofeld. In theory, that would mean that Christoph Waltz would come back as Blofeld. Back in 2018, Waltz said he would not be in the film, but the current director, Cary Joji Fukunaga has indicated that Waltz could return.

But…in March Bond producer Barbara Broccoli signed a piece of fan art with the word “Shatterhand” on it and wrote  “it’s not,” which basically means the woman who produces all the Bond movies is saying the movie isn’t called Shatterhand.

Blofeld Could Still Return…Even Without Waltz 

Still, even if the movie doesn’t have one of Blofeld’s monikers in the title, and the current Blofeld actor doesn’t return, that doesn’t mean Blofeld won’t be in the movie. In the old school Bond movies, Blofeld was a master of disguise and, throughout the course of several films, changed his appearance on purpose. This is why he was played by Telly Savalas (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), Donald Pleasence (You Only Live Twice), and Charles Gray (Diamonds Are Forever) all totally convincingly.

It’s 100 Percent Daniel Craig’s Last James Bond Movie

There was a ton of speculation that Daniel Craig wouldn’t actually return as Bond at all since Spectre basically gave the character what you could call a happy ending. But, eventually, Daniel Craig told Stephen Colbert in 2017 he would play James Bond one last time, and this is is it. Notably, Craig is also a producer on Bond 25.

Danny Boyle WAS Directing the Movie But Now It’s Cary Joji Fukunaga, Famous For True Detective 

Though the last two Bond films were helmed by the brilliant Sam Mendes, the next film briefly had a very big name director: Danny Boyle. Best known for Trainspotting, Boyle left Bond 25 in August 2018. Boyle’s script was rumored to tackle aspects of the #MeToo era and reconcile some of those progressive concepts with the outdated ideas about James Bond.

But then, in September 2018, Cary Joji Fukunaga — famous for directing the first season of True Detective — was hired. So far, it seems Fukunaga will shooting a script that is totally different from the one Boyle was developing.

The Rest of Supporting Cast is Still Unknown

Will Léa Seydoux return as Madeline Swan? Will Lupita Nyong’o be in the movie? So far, other than Daniel Craig, it seems like the only supporting cast member is Ben Whishaw as Q. But even that hasn’t been 100 percent confirmed.

(This article will be updated as we learn more about the movie.)