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Get Instant Access To Unlimited Bedtime Stories For 5 Bucks A Month

So much of parenting is picking your battles, and a company called Epic! bets you’ll be willing to give your kids a little more screen time if it’s spent reading all the books. For just $4.99 a month, they’ll deliver unlimited bedtime reading material to your iOs or Android device — unless you consider more than 10,000 titles for ages 0-12 to be limited.

Epic! is sort of like NPR’s “Netflix for books,” except it makes money whether or not you sign up for Squarespace. The aforementioned 10,000 titles are keyword searchable or can be browsed by 2-year age windows or categories like “Popular,” “Spanish,” “Award Winners,” “Audio,” and “Read-To-Me.” Those last 2 are game-changers if you’ve ever tried reading a story and showing the pictures to the daycare carpool. Which you never should have tried. Don’t do that.

Epic! Ebook Subscription For Kids

The monthly fee lets you create up to 4 reader profiles, so parents and kids can make their own lists of favorites and books to check out. You can read online or offline on any device, track progress and earn rewards with a built-in reading log, and get recommendations based on age and interest. It’s also free for educators, which you should definitely point out at the next PTA meeting, or take advantage of if you or your partner happens to be a teacher (not saying, just saying).

Epic! Ebook Subscription For Kids

Of course, all that blue light still isn’t exactly ideal for your little reader, and you can’t ever duplicate the experience of turning pages or that tasty new book smell. Fortunately, you also have the perfect resource to keep your kid’s library fully stocked. Check out a few of these on Epic!, then order hard copies your favorites. Who says screens and books can’t live in harmony?

Epic! ($5 Per Month, One-Month Free Trial)