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Earn Superhero Status By Turning A Cozy Coupe Into A Batmobile


Next year’s Batman Vs Superman had a pretty dominant performance at last week’s Comic-Con, and it appears that Ben Affleck’s caped crusader — like Christian Bale’s before him — will be a humorless grouch compared to the zesty charm of Michael Keaton. If you want to indoctrinate your kid so they understand that Keaton’s take on the Dark Knight in Tim Burton’s classic Batman is the best one, start by turning their Cozy Coupe into a Burton-esque take on the Tumbler Batmobile, which is way easier than it looks.

Cozy Coupe Batmobile

Nathan Grede, the guy who posted this project to DIY site Instructables, had no previous experience building electrical toys, so he made sure the instructions are easy to follow (and also hilarious). Then, show them more Michael Keaton movies – maybe start with Johnny Dangerously.

[youtube // expand=1]

And then there’s this guy…